3 Tips to Improve Your Poker Game

3 Tips to Improve Your Poker Game

Is there a part of the game of poker that you don’t understand or know well? Well, if you don’t understand the importance of consistently betting a consistent amount pre-flop, you are going to be leaving money on the table, or blinds, on the table.

If you understand the statistics of a hand and how to calculate your odds properly, you can save you bankroll while still making money because of the very simple fact that you will win more hands than you will lose. This should be common sense to most of the poker player, but again, it isn’t. Many players will claim they are making money, but they are in fact, not making any money. They are spending their time learning, practicing, and playing, and while they intend to pay me, they are making quite an investment in poker that actually pays them very little winnings.

You can fix all of that, and you can become a consistent poker winner. 3 tips to improve your Bolagila game include:

  1. Set win goals.
  2. Set loss limits.
  3. Understand ICM ( Industries Revenue Mix)

This is the most important aspect of your poker playing and it is by far the most important aspect that the average poker player has to understand.

How much money do you have to play poker with? What is the most you can lose? What is the most you can win? Make sure that you set win goals and loss limits. Don’t let your emotions or your ignorance fool you. If you aren’t sure, or your just don’t have a good idea, read more on ICM.

Realism Can Bring You Joy

If you aren’t making any money, or if you are losing money, it’s okay to quit isn’t it? Sure, you may want to continue to play to “break even” but you should quit while you are still ahead or take some money out of your poker account to avoid that temptation. Sure, you can fund your poker account with your job,car, mortgage, or gift certificate. But, that should be last resort.

Many people keep playing to ” break even” and when they win,they get greedy and end up losing more money than they did before they started.

Play for the Long Term

You are not going to win a lot of money in the short term. You are going to lose a lot of money in the short term. Just because you are making a lot of money the last few times, you aren’t going to win every time for a long time. This is why you should never be investing money into a poker account and always be thinking of the long term instead.

The most important part of any investment is to think long term. Don’t see today the preserved value of your money as today’s money but as future money.


In prepare yourself for the responsibilities of Beekeeper. It’s going to be a while before you have queens or even Cowboys.

The most important relationship in the world is to be the Beekeeper and Carpenter. If you are the Carpenter you have the greatest probability of being dead broke and alone. But, if you are the Beekeeper, you might be able to break even in the near term. Carpenter can help you rake in a little honey.

The time of day

It’s easy to lose all of your money at the poker table because it is so damn hard to play. Nightly poker players seem to operate on nothing but intuition. Your intuition might win you some hands, but soon it will cost you too much to call them.

At times, the game of poker seems to insist on making the player worse. Bad beats seem to increase wildly. Meanwhile, your plastic friends get wiser and do less to help you.

The reason for this is because the game requires a large amount of intuition to play well. You have to be able to read, to know what the other players hold, to know if you can steal the blinds, to know what everyone else is holding, and to know the statistical odds of the game.

Early in the evening, it is probably best not to play poker, just for theuity reason. If you are going to be involved in a poker game, you should be mentally alert and mentally focused. You should definitely not be drinking alcohol, because this activity lowers your mental sharpness. This is the opinion of several poker players, myself included.

We suggest reading books, magazines, articles, and watching videos, because this furthers our knowledge of poker. We believe that there is still lots of room for improving our knowledge and skills.

This is just our humble opinion, and we certainly hope you agree. Therefore, we intend to influence as many people as possible to do so. Make sure you read this article and decide for yourself whether or not the information we provide is valuable.

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