Are NFL Underdogs Worth the Money

Are NFL Underdogs Worth the Money?

Betting on the NFL is a question many people ask and answer themselves. Is it smart to bet against the point spread? Is it profitable to do so? This article addresses the merits of betting versus the spread and will hopefully provide you with the answers you need to have a more profitable and profitable sports season.

The first detail to consider is, when is it a good idea to bet the over/under point total on a game? This is pretty easy to find, during the last quarter of a game, try to determine if by diving into halftime, you will be able to get a better idea of the teams play.

Understanding the game play of the other team is beneficial to making good bets and the team’s are worth betting points as well on the following areas:

  • Total Yds
  • Touchdown %
  • Kickoff Return Yardage
  • Pass Offense Rating
  • Turnovers Eq Value
  • nicknamed Powerball
  • New York Jets, replace parts when necessary
  • Super Bowlakers need a sure thing and will root for a upset, rather than get a last second field goal to pull out the win
  • Closest of wins in a single season
  • Highest QB rating
  • Only 1 game went over the total posted in the last 2 seasons

What are the sports betting lines for the above sports, what are their names?

From the above data, you can see that it is beneficial to bet against the public bet on the points. Closest was the 2004 featherweight championship and the line was 49 for the OVER/UNDER. The OVER/UNDER for the game was actually line was closer to 48.5. The line in the second was 45.5 and if you downloaded the data into an excel sheet and made your own graph it would be easy to spot.

The lines making the public bet could be another way to bet instead of going with the favorite. Perhaps a good bettor could find 2 why a game could be close and choose the game they think will likely be the least favored.

The successful sports bettor will learn to bet with their brain and bet with their heart, not their brain and heart. It is a choosing process. Here are a few of the choices that the sports bettor should make and why not all NFL opponents…

The best way to bet on points is to bet the point total. The public tends to bet on the over/under number and spreads. It is not smart to bet with spreads because they change as the game goes along. The point spread as it currently exists right now is nothing more than a handicap towards the “mega88” team.

Betting against the point spread can lead to a much more profitable season for the sports bettor. The average bettor dreams about a 60% win rate and will never get there. Those who bet regularly will see a drop of about 10 percentage points over the course of a season.

However, the sports bettor is not guaranteed to win. Wishing for a sure win is realistic but is wrong. The number is as high as 97% for the right bettors and the dreams of a few areATCHED UP against a bunch of losers.

Therefore it is prudent to find a situation where the bettor may be able to gain a few points over the opponent. The PRO INFO SPORTS handicapping system can take the guesswork out of finding the point spread for the games. No more must the public decide based on a teaser. They can do the homework on the upcoming home and away opponents, study the statistics, discover minor injuries to key players, and much more.

PRO INFO SPORTS is a group of sports handicappers that has gained popularity over the past couple of years. They have examine the different aspects of sports betting and turned the tide on the books turning some games into bets for the serious bettors.

Whether it is NFL weekly expert football picks, NBA weekly expert basketball picks, or MLB weekly expert baseball picks, if it is available the PRO INFO SPORTS will have expert NFL & NBA & MLB expert picks. These are guys who do know their stuff too and many have built profitable bankrolls the past several years following their advice.

When choosing NFL & NBA & MLB weekly expert picks you can do some really good things to improve your chances of winning. If you follow the advice of the PRO INFO SPORTS you can expect to win some nice money. The picks are sent out on a professional daily basis and afford you a chance to bet into your own system. No more amateur picks!

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